About Us
Our Mission Satement
Our Philosophy
Merri's Munchkins is a safe and fun environment for your children to learn and play.  We believe children learn best through experiences.  So we as teachers must gently guide and redirect children to help them to cooperate with their peers and to have positive, educational experiences to encourage their growth and development while in our center.​

Merri’s Munchkins has been in business since 1985.  Our main goal is to provide the children with a fun and exciting center that allows them to have an enjoyable day while learning at the same time. At Merri’s Munchkins we pride ourselves on the appearance of the center.  We provide the children with a variety of music, reading, arts & crafts, indoor/outdoor and free play activities all designed to stimulate their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth in a loving and comfortable environment.

​​Our passionate teachers and unique program help your child discover that learning is fun, while making new friends and building strong relationships with teachers. Our partnership includes regular communication with you about everyday moments and major milestones.

​​With more than 27 years of experience and our passionate teachers, Merri's Munchkins knows what it takes to create a safe, fun and learning environment for your child. We have answered tough questions from concerned parents, and we have learned what matters most to families just like yours.